The NASCAR 21: Ignition - 2022 Expansion provides a number of refreshed features for the title:

  • 2022 NASCAR Cup Series racetracks from both the regular season and playoffs.
  • The 2022 lineup of drivers, teams and paint schemes have been directly pulled from the 2022 season, providing players with the most up-to-date version of the sport.
  • The Ignition update also sees the addition of all three Next Gen car models from Chevrolet, Ford and Toyota, playable on every NASCAR track. 
  • Refreshed user interface elements, making navigation of menus and settings more seamless.
  • An upgraded HUD has also been developed with all new tire wear and fuel indicators to closely monitor the real-time status of the car’s condition while racing.
  • Newly-recorded broadcast introductions from Motor Racing Network’s On-Air Announcer, Alex Hayden, will be featured throughout